Episode 51: The Challenges

Episode 51: The Challenges

Cinnamon challenge…weak, ALS ice bucket challenge…played out, chubby bunny challenge…how old are you, 8? Man up and do the Butternutdeluxe #challenge stacker. We dare you to try the hot chip/breast milk challenge…too tough for you? You can opt for a classic ALS challenge, replace ice water with boiling water. #doitforthesubs

Get ready to have your favorite childhood fantasy movies ruined as “The Never Ending Story” goes Up against “Willow” in “Movies Court”.

And for the first time ever, we have a 4 way tie in “The Monthly Beat Off” Listen and find out who walks out the cage… a true beat off champion!

End it on a high note with “Hate Of The Week” Junk food!

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