Who is Butternut Deluxe?

the crew
Nick is super white. So white in fact he listens to Slayer. Aside from being the member of the podcast most easily sunburnt, Nick’s other traits include knowing a lot about movies, being a filmmaker, and having the ability to grow a beard but choosing not to. Some people think Nick is a Satan worshiper but he’s really more of a Satan sympathizer. @nickvaky

Nick Essential
1) If it’s good enough for Wu-Tang it’s good enough for me. In my mind, a perfect night is getting high as fuck and watching Kung Fu classics.  2) Butternut Deluxe likes to keep it old-school and so do I. 8mm film is as old school as it gets! Too bad there is nowhere in the world that develops it anymore .  .  . shit  3) Even though there is nowhere to develop 8mm color chrome this camera was passed down to me from my grandfather and the painstaking way that grumpy old genius filmed even the most mundane home movies always reminds me to never cut corners when it comes to art.  4) If you can’t read it, the shirt says, “Explosicum” and it has a severed zombie torso on it, I need not explain further.  5) The other guys at Butternut have hip hop covered. When I listen to an album I need three things: it’s gotta be loud, it’s gotta be fast, and it’s gotta have subliminal messages in it telling me to worship the devil.  6) See number 1.  7) Whether you’re taking a selfie, a dick pick, or filming Citizen Kane, lighting is everything, invest in a light meter and never fuck up an exposure again.  8) My taste buds are as numb as a 70-year-old prostitute’s box, if there isn’t hot sauce on it, I don’t taste it.

With his amazing ability to be above average at most things but exceptional at none, Patrick has skated through life relatively effortlessly. He fancies himself gifted enough to never really work hard to achieve his goals. At times he envies those who truly apply themselves and do great things , but then he recites his mantra, “Why you wanna work so hard man?” In an instant all those ridiculous notions evaporate. @PatrickLubon

Pat Essential
1) Sterling silver flask – A groomsmen gift from one of my best friends who passed away well before his time. A reminder of how quickly things can slip away and why we should never take things for granted. Yeah you are a dick for thinking I’m an alcoholic. Bet you even feel guilty now, don’t you.  2) Scooter helmet. Yeah, I said it…SCOOTER HELMET. Don’t judge me.  3) Don’t you have one?  4) Doom/Ghostface single – Been rocking tapes since ‘92 son. Cds don’t look this dope and Doom is the lyrical master.  5) Casio calculator watch – Classic son! Always on time patnas.  6) PS3 controller – This is one of the most beautiful things ever designed. It is the main reason why I will be loyal to Playstation for the remainder of my gaming days.  7) NBA 2K12 – Sometimes newer isn’t better and this is a perfect example of that.  8) Converse All Star classic black and white. Perfection!

Armed with a glass of hate and a bag of cookies, Chocolate Teacher spreads love, laughs and hate to the masses. Known to express himself with brushes and colored substances, he makes sure he is heard not only vocally but visually as well. Never one to back down from a challenge he is a formidable foe in the super fight arena, often winning battles with his creative jabs and 80s pop culture knowledge. A gentle soul unless you touch his chocolate box! @Choc_Ock
Choc Oc Essential

1) Brushes and pens of all sorts must be on hand at all times to ensure the masses feel my creativity.  2) What would brushes and pens be without  a sketch book?…just a bunch of sticks.  3) Astroboy son! Defender of all things good in the world. You need to know your enemy.  4) I keep this laying around for inspiration! My favorite artist.  5) Primitive by today’s standards, but named iPod classic for a reason. 90GB of music, cause you never know when you might need some old 80s music for a training session.  6) Chocolate for when the teacher takes a rare break from hating. Add peanut butter for a lethal combo…  7) Afro comb sons! To keep that chocolate box from get wild.  8) Jordan 1’s, these babies fit my feet like gloves plus they are pure hotness.  9) Keeping it old school is a must, I’ll put Mario 3 up against any game ever made. They don’t make’m like that anymore.  10) ODB socks!! One of my favorite emcees on a sock!! Ol Dirty socks….win…

Known by many aliases…such as Sweater tech., Night man, Leather box and Mr. 50/50. Mr. 50/50 is the most fitting. Navigating through life with this philosophy, often a Jack of all trades and an ace of none. A big softy at heart but also ready to bust your head open if provoked. Constantly hated on by fellow Butternut deluxe podcast members for being indecisive and on the fence most of the time. But this is the beauty of it, things are not always black and white. Reminding others and myself that sometimes there are multiple ways to solve a problem and multiple perspectives to any situation. Keep walking that thin line between order and chaos my friend.

Half n Half Essential

1) Venom 16oz all leather boxing glove: Superb craftsmanship, used for sparing and pad work only. Hit the heavy bag with gardening gloves or MMA gloves to condition your wrist and knuckles… you little bitch.  2) Audio-Technica ATH-M50: Most bang for your buck. The most well balance monitoring headphones in its price range. They do not enhance the sound unlike some other brands do….Dre. The AT is clear and true to what the artist intended the music should sound like.  3) Swiss Tech Utility-Key: Key shaped multi-tool. I have passed through security checks many times with this. Just saying…Don’t sleep.  4) Metal key chain 32G USB Flash Drive by Kingston: Made out of metal for durability, 32G, USB 2.0, nuff said.  5) Topeak Alien 2 Multi Tool: A must for anyone that rides. Every tool you’ll need to get you home when you are assed out. Don’t be that dip shit that doesn’t bring anything on the ride.  6) Portable Power Bank: How is it that we can send people to colonize Mars but we can’t make a phone battery that’ll last a full day?  7) Jabra Solemate Bluetooth speaker: If your laptop speakers sounds like farts coming out of a wet bag. Go out and get this. Hands down the best 90 bucks ever spent. It’s not that bass heavy but the sound is rich, clear and full.  8) Palmer’s Coco butter: Come on son…you want to look like Ashy Larry?  9) Expandable Baton: AKA the stick of truth, AKA the stick of justice.