Re: Hate Mail Sons!

Re: Hate Mail Sons!

Oh shit! We are back with some more written hate. This time it’s in response to some hate mail we received from a listener, which by the way we love. Please keep sending the hate!


S (as we shall call her) was none too pleased with our hate on significant others and some other random things we have said during the show. I’m assuming she put a lot of thought into her letter (although the content may lead you to think otherwise) because she wrote quite a bit. So we decided to write a full article in appreciation of your hard work S.


Here a link to the hate mail:


The main problem S had with us is the fact that we stated clearly and all agreed, “that women don’t deserve anything.” And this notion continues to be supported by the entire Butternut crew. You don’t deserve anything. So we don’t get taken out of context, we said that WE (meaning men) also don’t deserve anything. It doesn’t mean we won’t do nice things when we are on a date, we are just saying that you shouldn’t expect it. Speaking for the Butternuts, when you don’t even pretend to reach for your cash… I’m never calling you back…even if we have sex. Just imagine ladies that you go to dinner with a pretty good girlfriend and the bill comes but she just gets up and leaves because she expects you to pay. THAT’S HOW WE FEEL! Why the fuck should I pay for anything for you? I might, if I want to but I don’t even know you so BUY YOUR OWN FOOD! It’s very simple ladies; if the rules were reversed and you had to buy dinners and drinks and taxis and condoms for guys you just met on Tinder, would you enjoy doing that? If the guy blocked you or didn’t return your calls or texts because you didn’t act like a “lady” by not buying him dinner, you would think that shit is ridiculous. Tell me I’m wrong.


S also expressed something that makes me so goddamn angry! She made a reference to “give you more of what you want.” Can we please abolish the notion that all guys want is sex and that guys are the only ones who fucking enjoy it. Is that how it goes? Men were blessed with the pleasure of sex while women were cursed with feeling absolutely nothing during sex? Using sex as currency is fucking despicable and there’s a word for people that do that. I actually respect them more because they are upfront with it. The problem with weapons is that they run out of ammunition…


S went on to make the point that she’s put so much time, effort and money to show up looking hot. Wait…you did that for me or you? Cause you may not give a fuck about Michael Jordan but when I show up rocking my elephant print OG threes that cost $300 (sneaker heads know) should I expect you to consider the effort and cost I had to incur to look fresh for this date with you? Didn’t think so. Why do you think guys don’t care about their looks? Can you just stop looking at things through your prism and pay attention to what’s going on around you?



I could go on and on cause there was a lot of ridiculous shit written. I’m trying not get heated while writing this so I’ll leave you with this. I have two sisters who are the best sisters anyone could want. They are independent women and don’t rely on a man to bring them happiness or food. They understand the notion that people come into your life for these reasons: to add, subtract, multiply and divide. You, listener, are clearly here to subtract from the wallets of these poor guys who thought you were pretty and wanted to get to know you.


Here’s a little something to let you know that men around the world share this viewpoint, not just the Butternut crew.

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