There are some great Christmas movies out there. Bad Santa and Die Hard are favorites of us over at Butternut Deluxe. However, the nature of movies centered around a holiday is that there are only so many, and while I am completely for re-watching Die Hard as much as possible, the holiday season is long and comes every year. We need a few more Christmas classics to add a little variety to that precious time spent on the couch during those lazy winter days.

The passive approach is to just wait for a new Holiday themed film to come out and hope that it’s worth revisiting. This is not entirely a bad idea. This year brought Tangerine, which, although is about prostitutes, pimps, and tricks in the slums of Hollywood, is also a Christmas film and a great one at that. Uncle Nick, Brian Posehn’s latest endeavor, looks to be an excellent companion piece to the crass comedy of Bad Santa (double feature anyone?). New holiday films will always be made, but I prefer to take a more active approach to increase the holiday cannon.

I want to rebrand a movie as a Christmas movie. A movie I feel uniquely deserving of the honor:  RoadhouseRoadhouse became a Christmas tradition in our family and it should be one in yours.

Roadhouse you say? Roadhouse has nothing to do with Christmas. How absurd. But please hear me out:

The movie is a Christmas story if there ever was one. Dalton, played by Patrick “mother fucking” Swayze, is a world famous bouncer. A world famous bouncer, who also happens to have a Ph.D. in philosophy and ass whoopin’. He is hired by a bar called the Double Deuce to clean it up but runs into hot water when he falls in love with a beautiful woman who a rich, monster truck driving, baddie already had his eyes on. Where’s the Christmas in this you ask? Well bar fights and Hawaiian shirts are pretty festive.

If you’ll notice the movie is also full of Christmas hams . . . tits . . . Christmas tits.  Still not convinced? Sam Elliot, playing Dalton’s mentor, another world famous bouncer, looks a lot like an ass whoopin’ Santa Claus.

Did I say Santa Claus? I meant that weird motorcycle driving uncle you have that spends 10 months out of the year living in Thailand and you only see at Christmas.

Ok. So there may not be a very good reason to watch Roadhouse on Christmas but something about watching guilty pleasures during the holiday season just feels right. Maybe it’s because we’re already in a good mood, so we are willing to accept a little entertainment fluff. Or maybe it’s because if we make movies like Roadhouse Christmas movies, we’ll only have to watch them in December, and that way if someone asks you to watch a shitty movie like Roadhouse, or Under Siege, or the Temple of Doom in July you can just say to them, “I don’t want to watch a Christmas movie right now.”

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