9 Things We Hate About Drugs And The People Who Use Them

9 Things We Hate About Drugs And The People Who Use Them

Sons! We are back with some more hate for your face. In episode 44 of the podcast we talked about horses being on meth, and as always, we’re not done! We got more to say about drugs, but this might feel a little like Half n’ Half wrote this cause…surprise bitches…we don’t think all drugs are bad. So read this shit and fill the comment section with vials of hate.

Molly mouth

Pardon me everyone, gather around and watch in astonishment and total disgust as my jaw does the cabbage patch dance without me having any knowledge of it.  That’s all I’ve to say about that.

That guy

Well it looks like someone is trying to re-attach your jaw to the rest of your face but they can’t find the grove it fits in. And you just smelled six different people’s hair while rubbing your nipples. But even with all that I still wasn’t sure you were high until I saw those glow sticks in your hands patna. Which brings me to…

Glow sticks

Just fuck off. There aren’t enough lights in the club to satisfy your sensory requirements. Honestly….fuck off!


Here are a couple of our experiences dealing with people high on K. “When I was in the k-hole I understood E=mc2.” Yeah someone actually said that. This next one is amazing. So we are all leaving a party and we see someone from the party staring at the wall in the stairwell. Someone from our crew asks him what he’s doing and he says he’s waiting for the elevator. There was no elevator in the building. So there it is. I’ll pass on this one.

Why the fuck did I just go into the kitchen?

This one is for the weed smokers out there. Tell me this doesn’t happen to you all the time. You are high as hell then for some reason you take a break from watching fail videos on YouTube to go grab something. But when you get to where you were going you have no idea why you went there in first place. Super annoying. Now that I think about it, maybe my grandfather was high all the time…

Law makers

So I recently learned that you can rub THC oil on a woman’s abdomen to relieve the symptoms of cramps during menstruation. Can we sort this out and make marijuana legal already so that I don’t need to run to the store in the middle of the night to buy ginger tea anymore? That shit really makes me anxious and stresses me out causing me to lose sleep, which makes me smoke more then I get migraines and don’t feel like eating. You like what I did there? Well if you didn’t get it, weed solves all those problems. Let’s go already!


Here is what meth does to you: nausea, convulsions, seizures, liver kidney and lung damage, severe tooth decay, psychosis, depression, damage to the brain similar to Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, epilepsy, meth sores, etc. These are symptoms of prolonged use and as scary as all that shit is, the fact that you could end up looking like these people is enough to make me vomit at the thought of trying this shit. But hey, it’s viewed the same as weed by the legal system so there’s that.


Fuck you universe for only letting me see the true colors of your trees for a couple of hours when I’m high on shrooms. The retina display on my Mac just isn’t as impressive as it was last night when I was listening to the enhanced CD of Xibit’s shrooms (remember enhanced CDs…hahaha). Anyway, I want my eyes to see what’s really out there. I don’t want to take shrooms every time I forget what green really looks like.


You thought you got a pass right, but you didn’t. You amazing piece of shit. You awful wonderful demon from the heavens. You are the source of some of the best nights I’ve ever had and the reason why I’m praying to god and promising that I will never drink again while projectile vomiting acid into my toilet at five in the morning. You are the reason I had enough confidence to talk to that girl that was way out of my league and actually fucked her. You are also the reason I thought that girl was really hot and out of my league then it turned out she had a penis and I already made out with her so…Can I get an amen!!! Love Hate to the max.

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